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Years ago I got interested in houses and buildings made in the fifties and the sixties by Faller, Vollmer, Kibri, Wiad and more.

They were made in Germany after the Second World War .

In the beginning of the fifties they were made of wood but in the middle of that decade they started making them of plastic "fantastic " !


I like the handcrafted wooden models of the fifties and the plastic models of the sixties very much.

Especially the plastic models which have the typical look of the sixties.


I was looking for good pictures on the Internet but came to the conclusion that most of the time the pictures were very disappointing .


That is the reason why I started this website to share good pictures with everybody who is also interested in these fascinating models.


On my website you only see models of cars, houses and buildings which are about 60 years old.  It is very difficult to find those buildings in good shape and complete .

Most of the cars are by Wiking and some are by Siku


It is not allowed to use my pictures without my permission.

You have to understand that it takes a lot of time to take good pictures of the models .


I hope you enjoy the website.





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